5-8 Digital Resources


Bay Schools Clever portal: http://clever.com/in/bvcsd

ST ("JiJi") Math

(5th Grade: Accessible through Bay Schools Clever portal)

Digital Resources for Middle School Teachers and Students

    1. Google Classroom
    2. YouTube - make a playlist of relevant videos
    3. Edpuzzle - has a TON of interactive videos by subject from YouTube, TedTalks, Khan Academy, etc - link with Google Classroom
    4. Edulastic - has question banks aligned to state standards, links to Google Classroom
    5. Desmos - math
    6. Pear Deck - create interactive Google Slides presentations (Slides add-on), similar to NearPod
    7. Quizizz - gamified review that is student-paced
    8. Kahoot - similar to Quizizz, multiple choice review games
    9. Khan Academy - online videos with practice questions for multiple subjects
    10. INFOhio
    11. Quizlet
    12. FlipGrid
    13. Conjuguemos (World languages)
    14. Newsela (ENG / SS/ HEALTH / SPAN)
    15. Screencastify - make screencast videos that save directly to Drive (Chrome extension)
    16. Gizmos - Math and Science digital lessons/labs by OH standards. We have HS and MS access, would have to see how many students can access.
    17. Discovery Education
    18. Zoom - video conferencing, sign up with Google (FREE)

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